Ad stellam polarem (toward the northern star).

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You are seeing this page because you were probably looking for Limeadestand Works.

After three years and three months, Limeadestand Works has evolved and refined its focus and visions.

Meet Ad Stellam

Liberty, justice, and your brand. Be an impactful entrepreneur who transforms the culture. We co-create purpose-driven, ethical, value-based brands.

After three years and three months, Limeadestand Works is now Ad Stellam to better reflect the evolution of this journey and where it leads. During the last three years, a rather humble vision of empowering the people on the margins of society through the promotion of microenterprise has undergone several iterations of refining and evolving. During this period, Limeadestand Works had, rather unwisely, branched out to too many things, spread itself out too thin, and lost its way.

At the same time, the Limeadestand Works brand was not quite taken seriously and also did not scale and could not adapt to the evolution and change. The brand was rather limiting.

Some time ago, I began contemplating a minor rebrand: maybe tweak the visuals a bit, and introduce a new slogan that better reflects the core values. It has, however, took me down the road to a full rebrand. A new name, a new color palette, new typefaces, and new slogan.

I conceived "Ad Stellam Polarem" at first just as a new slogan. In Latin, it means "Toward the northern star." The emerging new direction of Limeadestand Works was taking me to focus on ethical and value-driven branding, and exit several ancillary activities that I was neither fully competent nor was best situated to offer the highest quality of service.

I was intent on keeping the Limeadestand Works name; after all, domain name is good through next summer and business registration is good through next year. But all signs pointed to the necessity of a full rebranding.

Come back here soon to learn more about the new Ad Stellam!


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